I am lucky enough to make my living being curious.

I think. I write. I edit. I teach. Mostly about cities.

My current writing and editing clients include Virginia Tech’s Metropolitan Institute + SPIANeighborWorks®/Success Measures®Applied Storytelling, and the Detroit Future City initiative.

I am also an essayist and fiction writer. My grief memoir, “The Internet,” is featured in the astonishing first issue of TOSKA Magazine. Other recent work online includes Stalking Samuel Pepys and  The Quantum Nature of the S&H Green Stamp.

I teach, too. Here is something I wrote a few years ago that sums up how I feel about language, about writing, and about the teaching of writing.

So leave me a comment, and tell me: How did you find your way with words? Are you still looking?

email me at lisaschamess@gmail.com

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